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Corona Virus & The Rise of ‘Grind Culture’

Corona Virus & The Rise of ‘Grind Culture’

There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that the world is changing as we know it. It will actually never be the same.

Because of COVID-19, we see a noticeable change in the way the economy is working. Businesses are closing at alarming rates and millions are losing their jobs. According to CNN, since March 4th, 22 million people have filed for unemployment benefits in the USA. The lack of structure is taking a toll on our everyday routine. What are we to do?

This uninvited lockdown of the world left us with new-found freedom, leading many of us back to being trapped in the screens of our electronic devices. We have spent more time on social media than any other application on our phone.



Now let’s not get it twisted, there is nothing wrong with social media. Because of it we have access to greater opportunities for exposure and information… and let’s face it, social media is simply just fun. On the other hand, this outlet has created a continuous loophole of anxiety and pressure. 

Recently, there has been a trend on social media that has done nothing less than turn me off. It concerns the rise of Grind Culture. 

Grind Culture, in short, can be described as an extreme call to self-discipline. It includes the belief that everyone should spend ALL their time being subjectively productive. The idea of productivity stems solely from material and physical success.


There are countless memes going around calling out people who haven’t started a business (or a couples’ Youtube Channel) during this pandemic, and describes them as someone who “lacks self-discipline”.

Who made people on social media the judge of another persons character?  

There is no problem with encouraging your peers to benefit themselves, but we should not put others down in the process. What’s all this competition about? 

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Grind Culture politics in the Black community grow daily because as a whole, we just want to see one another succeed. For every dollar, a White person makes, a Black person has to work about 5x harder to receive the same dollar and/or recognition from their work. This belittles us, this frustrates us, and it makes us want to do more. However, just because I didn’t decide to wake up and open a Fortune 500 company doesn’t mean I don’t value discipline and hard work.

It’s unfair. The social media pressure to grind all the time is nothing short of toxic. We have to stop comparing our productivity to that of another person.

Grind Culture–especially during a pandemic–is insensitive. COVID-19 has affected everyone in ways that aren’t even known. Some people have lost their friends and family members to the virus. Now is probably not the right time to imply that their business is heading under water due to something they “lack”. 

Everyone has the right to either grind through a pandemic or take a rest. It is purely okay to choose. GRIND WITHOUT EXPLANATION or REST WITHOUT EXPLANATION. 

Congratulations to those who got out of bed this morning. Congratulations to the ones (like me) who are on their 4th trip to the kitchen simply because they’re bored. Congratulations to the ones who woke up early this morning to exercise, or take time out for themselves. 

Unsubscribe from the directions imposed on society through social media, and continue to ask yourself:

 “What do I want to do during this time?”

“ How am I going to spend MY days?”

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