Our Writing Team  


Laikyn is a women with her hands dipped in a selection of fields. A freelance stylist and Harlem native residing in Brooklyn. In her spare time she enjoys picking up her film camera, anything Grow/n related , thrifting her life away and FOOD.

Taj Cutting

Taj Cutting is an interior and experience designer who loves to travel. When not exploring the world, she enjoys writing, kickboxing classes and eating more Mediterranean food than she can manage!

Tre Small

Trè is a Brooklyn based artist. She is a theatre actress, writer, amateur photographer and professional chef, at her house. She is a plant mom of 4.

Jasmin Wells

Jasmin Wells is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur rambling her way through it all. Her favorite pastimes include soul searching, oversharing, and spreading light through her Instagram stories.

Charlot Amadi

Charlot is a Kinesiology student at Louisiana State University and a budding writer for GROW/N. Second generation Nigerian immigrant, likes music, travel, cycling, and food!

Brandi Hood

Brandi Hood is a part-time lifestyle writer and full-time English teacher. She juggles being a mom and wife but maintains it gracefully. She loves to read and watch shows like “Sistas” and “Insecure”.

Zaria Richards

Zaria is a lover of truths and arts. She’s glowing and growing from Brooklyn, NY. If she is not writing and exploring museums around the city, she is watching re-runs of MTV Catfish